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life is crazy

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your families' struggles ... maybe something here will be of some help and direction? I don't know what services and charities you and your brother have looked into, but there are a few things, some pretty basic, which may assist cut down on bills. Is he receiving food assistance? If not, I would encourage him to apply .. if he doesn't have any income he should be eligible for the full amount, which is usually $200 per month. Other things like getting a discount with utility bills through the low income option with your utility company may be something to consider .. along with applying for the one time family grant for utility assistance - typically around $150, as well as LIHEAP. If he's already getting food stamps, or will apply, he'll then be eligible for some additional assistance like a free cell phone and a no cost landline phone for your home. These things and other related financial help are automatically suggested once he starts receiving food assistance through the state - i.e., when he gets the paperwork in the mail, they will include a list of things he is eligible for. Here's a link which lists these possibilities and some others ... I hope it may be of some small help. Finding Financial Assistance. Blessings, Cat

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